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Where to put that Green Screen?

The use of green screens for taking pictures has become quite popular at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs the last several years. I see this trend continuing for the forseeable future. In the era of digital photos and sharing there is still something nostalgic and fun about taking home a photo, an actual photo, that you can hold in your hands.

I'm often asked, "Where should we put it?"

This is a great question to ask your experienced Bar Mitzvah DJ Entertainment company because it DOES make difference! We can help coordinate the best location for the screen when planning your event so that it gets used, but doesn't detract from the overall event.

Aside from taking home a keepsake the process of posing and taking green screen pictures can be fun. That fun is amplified if the green screen is located in the same room as the DJ setup. Here are more reasons to set it up in the same room as the DJ:

1. The people taking pictures will still feel included in the party

2. The people taking pictures will be able to enjoy the music as they pose

3. The people taking pictures wil be able to stay informed with what is going on in the party

4. The green screen photographers and employees will know when to shut down for important events (Grand Entrance, montage, etc) because they can hear the announcements

5. The guest of honor will be easily located for important events (Father/daughter or Mother/son dance, Grand Entrance, etc.)

If not given proper consideration the green screen location can often times be an afterthought and placed in a non-ideal place (ie outside the main room) by the person doing the room layout. Don't let this happen to you. Assure that your guests leave with a smile on their face as they look at their photo with a genuine smile on their face because they were a part of the party when that picture was taken.

If you are thinking of adding this piece, let us know because we work with vendors who will provide the screen for your party and we will be happy to help coordinate this element at your party!

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