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Light Up L.E.D. Stages

Light up LED stages have become more and more popular at Bar Mitzvahs. Once reserved for posh nightclubs they have now found their way on the Bar/Bat Mitzvah scene! What are said stages and why should I care?

Light up LED stages and platforms usually 4 feet by 3 feet and 1 1/2 feet tall. They are made of wood or aluminum and have white plexiglass on all of the visible sides. They light up from the inside and provide a fun space for your guests to get up and dance on. With two stages, approximately 12 people can be on it at a time.

Stages are great for a Bar Mitzvah. They become an area that can be used to spotlight the guest of honor an his/her family and friends. Your average Bar Mitzvah boy is shorter than your average adult guest so having him on stage presents an opportunity for all of the guests in the room to see him having a great time. Having stages that light up just adds to the effect.

Check with your DJ Company to see if this is something they offer. It is a nice touch. Ultimately Light up LED stages go in the "bells and whistles" category. The primary thing to look for in a DJ Company is one who has experienced and talented emcees who know how to run a great Bar Mitzvah. The person on the microphone will make or break the party. If that person is not experienced in Bar Mitzvahs, no amount of LED Staging will save the day. But if that person is a pro, then hey bring on the bells and whistles!

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